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WOMH Limited First Edition Resin Horse Collectable "Adalhard" Trotting Noriker Stallion 1:20 Scale #0001 - Unpainted

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Approximately 1:20 Scale.  7" L x 5" H.  Limited 1st edition of 50.  Shipping Now!  Artist Vicki Keeling, revised and produced by WOMH via Resin's by Randy.

These are very nice and clean professional castings.  All legs and other delicate areas are wire reinforced.  At the time of this listing we only have 10 more of these beautiful Noriker Stallions available.  He is unpainted and ready for you to create a work of art of your own.  Comes with a COA. 

Noriker history

The Noriker Horse is used for riding and light Draught. The Noriker horse originated in the mountain regions of Austria a few thousand years ago and takes it's name from the ancient state of Noricum. The breed area covers the alpine areas of Austria and Germany. The Noriker Horse played an important role in the transportation of goods through the alps.

At the moment there are approximated 10,000 Noriker horses in Austria and the breeding area has more than 4,600 registered stallions and mares.

Today the Noriker with its size and weight, its phenotype and temperament represents a horse that fulfills to a high degree all the requirements of a modern leisure horse.


The Noriker developed from the heavy warmblood horses of the Roman and in the alps domestic races in the province Noricum (today Bavaria and Austria). 1565 came then the breed under control of the Salzburger of archbishops, who put on also the first Stutbuch. Spanish and Burgundische Hengste was imported, which brought size and elegance into the race. The oldest still received Stutbuch published 1903 the Pinzgauer horse breeding association. Salzburg was and remains the main breed area of the Noriker and may, according to the regulations of the European Union, the origin breed book lead.

Age: 8+