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WOMH 2019 "Fine Resin Club"

$174.99 - $699.96
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As a member of our "Fine Resin Club" you will receive 4 solid cast resin's in 1:9 scale for the introductory price of $174.99 each (retail value $199.99).  These will be models from our "Perfect Pony Collection" in large scale, each being released approximately 3 months apart over a 12 month period.

These exquisite resins will have wire reinforcement in the legs and other delicate areas.  They will come ready for your favorite artist or yourself to paint, with little or no prep work required.  This line is brought to you by World of Model Horses (WOMH) and each model will be a limited edition of no more than 50 pieces.

Membership is limited to the first 50 entrants. The club membership closes prior to the first release (October 2018).  You will receive updates as the sculptures are being created and sneak peaks.  We will only reveal one resin at a time, the rest will be a surprise till their turn to be revealed.  They will be numbered and come will a certificate of authenticity signed by the designing artist.  These certificates will only be issued to club members.

Numbers will be assigned to club members according to order of purchase starting with #1 and running through #50.  If you renew your membership in the following year you will have the option of keeping your current number, or moving up the list if spots are available.  The club requires a deposit of 25% or 50%, that will be applied equally to each release, plus a small one time processing fee.You may cancel your membership at any time.  $100 of your Deposit will not be refundable should you cancel your membership

By joining the "Fine Resin Club" you are agreeing to purchase all 4 models. You are required to place a deposit and small processing fee in advance.  You will be billed the balance on each model plus shipping (your choice 1st Class or Priority) as they become available.  If you pay the balance in full upon joining, you will receive 1/2 price 1st Class Shipping worldwide.  Any remaining models may or may not be offered to the public.

All work and inspections will be done here in the US. Our goal is to create the perfect line of models for you!  We look forward to you becoming a WOMH "Fine Resin Club" Member!


Age: 8+