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Keep Up to Date


Posted by KAT on 10th Aug 2018

Today was a pretty good day.  I was done with answering emails by noon and spent the rest of the day recounting BF models so I could see where we were and who would not be getting some of the mod … read more

Spent all day answering emails.

Posted by KAT on 9th Aug 2018

I started work today at 8:45am and had every intention of getting a slew of BF orders out.  Unfortunately, I had a full inbox of messages waiting for me, and they continued throughout the day.&nb … read more
eBay sales information issue.

eBay sales information issue.

Posted by KAT on 7th Aug 2018

We couldn't understand why we were coming up short on some of the models.  We have finally figured it out.  When an item of ours sells on eBay, the information is transferred to Bigcommerce … read more
We're Getting There!`

We're Getting There!`

Posted by KAT on 6th Aug 2018

Another long night, it's 7:30pm here and I have to call it quits for the night.  A bunch of packages shipped out today, and more will go out tomorrow.  We still have quite of few packages le … read more

I can see some daylight!

Posted by KAT on 5th Aug 2018

I'm finally starting to get things caught up.  Only have 20 more BF packages to do, 8 orders for misc. items, and then I can start on the 2018 models and the Norikers.  Another week and I sh … read more