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Emails are all caught up!

Emails are all caught up!

Posted by KAT on 27th Aug 2018

I have finally gotten through all the emails that we missed while our service was down.  We are still having phone issues, but the internet is working for now, until another fire starts in the ar … read more


Posted by KAT on 25th Aug 2018

Before we get into the rumors that are circulating on the internet, I wanted to let you know our email has been down most of the last 3 days.  We have very heavy smoke from forest fires here and … read more


Posted by KAT on 17th Aug 2018

I apologize in the long delay in posting updates.  I've been working very hard to get through these BF items.  In case you are wondering why it takes me so long to send out packages, this is … read more


Posted by KAT on 10th Aug 2018

Today was a pretty good day.  I was done with answering emails by noon and spent the rest of the day recounting BF models so I could see where we were and who would not be getting some of the mod … read more

Spent all day answering emails.

Posted by KAT on 9th Aug 2018

I started work today at 8:45am and had every intention of getting a slew of BF orders out.  Unfortunately, I had a full inbox of messages waiting for me, and they continued throughout the day.&nb … read more