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Our photo reprint backdrops are designed specifically for model horse showing.  They have a non-glare finish so you won't get glare when taking photographs.  They are professionally printed on heavy weight poster paper with high quality inks.  We offer a variety of sizes for all your photographing needs.  These prints also make beautiful wall art.

For your convenience we have added a number to each backdrop indicating the sizes it is available in.  The numbers are 1-5.  The number represented is the largest size the print is available in.  So if the number is a (3) the print would be available in the first 3 sizes.  The sizes are as follows:


(1) 5 x 7 inch    (2) 8 x 10 inch     (3) 11 x 17 inch     (4) 18 x 24 inch     (5)  24 x 36 inch